Hiro Homma celebrates 60 with a hard rock party at Club Citta

Former Loudness, EZO, Saber Tiger, Anthem and Mari Hamada drummer Hiro Homma is putting on a smashing birthday bash for himself and his fans with Hiro Fest on 18th November.

Hiro Homma is one of Japan’s best hard rock drummers. As he turns 60 years old, he will mark the occasion with a party in the name of rock’n’roll. Hiro started his professional music career in the 80s with the band Flatbacker in his native Hokkaido. When they got KISS legend Gene Simmons involved as a producer, he asked them to change to a band name more suitable for an international audience. The band became known as EZO and released two albums on Geffen Records. When EZO called it quits in the early 1990s, Homma reunited with EZO vocalist Masaki Yamada in Loudness. Homma stayed with Loudness until 2001 when the band’s original line-up reunited. During his career, Homma has also played the drums with Anthem, Grand Slam, Mari Hamada, Saber Tiger and many more. He is currently a member of the bands Naked Machine and Reaction.

Hiro Fest, which will take place at the legendary Club Citta in Kawasaki on Saturday 18th November, will feature a lot of Hiro’s past and present. Hiro’s current band Naked Machine will perform during the evening and Hiro will also play drums with T.R.I. Sex Machineguns and Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai will also perform and there will be a very special session by Flashbacker – featuring Hiro Homma on drums, Takenori Shimoyama on vocals (Saber Tiger, Double Dealer), guitarist Anchang (Sex Machineguns) and bassist Junko (Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai). The Master of Ceremonies for Hiro Fest will be comedian Kiso SanchuFor Hiro Homma fans as well as other rockers and metalheads, Hiro Fest is looking like a very tasty celebration of a fab drummer and Japanese hard rock. Information and tickets here: