Video premiere: Timechild “Call of the Petrichor”

Today, we premiere the music video for Danish rockers Timechild’s new single.

“Call of the Petrichor” is the third single from Timechild’s upcoming second album ‘’Blossom & Plague’’. “The song is about seeking a more natural and primal existence,” the band comments. “But slowly realising that the faint echoes of a lost past might also bring back suffering you thought was long gone”. “Call of the Petrichor” was, like the entire album, recorded and produced by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Phil Campbell, Thundermother) and will make its live debut at the Jailbreak Festival 2023 in August.

Timechild is a Danish progressive, heavy rock band formed in 2020 in Copenhagen. Their sound consists of a mixture of progressive rock and heavy metal, dominated by a powerful lead vocal and characteristic twin guitars, which together create their unique Scandinavian expression.

Since Timechild released its debut album “And Yet It Moves” at the end of 2021, things have moved fast for the Danish band. Top reviews from both Danish and international media, Danish tours with Jesper Binzer (D-A-D), Thundermother and Artillery, concerts at some of the biggest club venues and rock and metal festivals in Denmark. And in 2023, the band will cross the country’s borders for the first time to go on their first European and UK tours.

Now the band is back with their long-awaited second album “Blossom & Plague”, which will be released worldwide in September. The vision with this record is to show how heavy rock can continue to challenge and surprise in 2023. The band’s heavy and dynamic sound and lyrics have taken a turn in a more progressive and dark direction on this record. Although the foundations of the band’s sound are clearly laid by the giants of the past, inspiration is drawn both across time and across genres. Precisely this opportunity to delve into the past several decades of music history and through this define their own sound has been an important part of the songwriting and recording process. The band consists of Anders Folden Brink (lead vocals and guitar), Birk (guitar), Martin Haumann (drums) and Daniel Bach (bass).

“Blossom & Plague” will be released via Mighty Music on the 1st of September.