Roppongi Rocks Headbanging Competition 2024

Heads were banged in Roppongi and judged by Lovebites’ guitarist Midori Tatematsu and former Angel Witch drummer Dave Dufort.

Some quality headbangers and Roppongi Rockers battled it out at the Roppongi Rocks Headbanging Competition 2024 which took place at the Hard Rock Café Tokyo on 13th January 2024 in front of a supportive crowd.

The competition was judged by experienced headbangers and performers Midori Tatematsu, lead guitarist of Lovebites, and Dave Dufort, legendary drummer of Angel Witch, Tytan and EF Band.

The soundtrack that heads were exercised to was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, a somewhat tricky song as it contains slower parts and not just full-on mayhem. The proud metalheads who shook things up at the competition were Mari Masu, Yoko Abe, Bill Jokela and Haruhiko Tanimoto with Roppongi Rocks boss Stefan Nilsson being the Master of Ceremonies. Watch the video to find out who won!