Five Records That Changed My Life, Part 20: Jan Rechberger

Jan Rechberger is the drummer and one of the founding members of the Finnish heavy metal band Amorphis. In addition to drumming, Jan is also a composer and producer with his own studio, Moon Unit Studio in Helsinki. Roppongi Rocks boss Stefan Nilsson checked in with Jan to find out what five albums rocked his world.

KISS “KISS” (1974)

“My first vinyl record ever. My dad took me to the record shop on my 11th birthday and this was the first record I saw when I entered the store. I told him that this is the one ‘cause the cover photo looked so cool. He asked me if i wanted listen to it first or perhaps browse through some other records before I decide. I said no, this is it. The first spin and the opening fill to ‘Strutter’ got me into rock and roll forever.”

AC/DC “High Voltage” (1976)

“Another rock classic that I´ve listened to more than perhaps any other record when I was a kid. My friend from the neighbour flat got me into this as well as all the other records from AC/DC. Timeless classic that still sounds magically fresh to me, every time.”

Iron Maiden “Live After Death” (1985)

“This iconic Maiden record needs no introduction. My father got me this on some random winter day, and I still remember how the vinyl was a little bent because it was like -25 Celsius outside. The first time I spun it the sound was ‘wobbly’. An amazing collection of the best songs from the best era of Iron Maiden, played live! I’ve listened to this so much, that eventually had to get another copy ‘cause it got so scratchy and worn out.”

Dio “Holy Diver” (1983)

“I had this one as an original copy in cassette format. To me, this was the heaviest stuff I’ve listened to so far. An absolute classic featuring one of my all-time favourites Vinny Appice on drums.”

Metallica “Ride the Lightning” (1984)

“This record got me into the heavier realm of metal music for good. I mean, at the time, it sounded faster and heavier than anything else I’ve heard so far. There were of course others as heavy and aggressive, but this album totally separated itself from the masses with its musicality, catchiness and emotional qualities.”