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Electric Feel Good “Jane’s Inn”

Promising Swedish rockers Electric Feel Good are back with a new album. Something great is brewing in the Hellsingland forests.

Electric Feel Good is a band from Hellsingland, Sweden that was founded in 2015. The band keeps evolving and is now releasing its third album, “Jane’s Inn”. The sound is a throwback to the pop hook-laden bluesy rock music of the 70s mixed up with some 80s garage rock. There is something dreamy and hazy about the music. It might be the fog from the Ljusnan River that is seeping into the music. There is also a sprinkle of road dirt across the album and some subtle hints of Hellsingland’s rich folk music tradition.

The exquisite track “Wine Made of Cherries” is the album’s absolute highlight. It instantly makes my feet move and my head nod. But there are more gems on this record, such as the catchy “Mi Amore”, “Time to Show” (on which keyboardist Alfred Johansson gets to shine), “Me and You”, “Cowboys and Widows” and the title track. This is a good album showcasing this band’s abilities. Electric Feel Good consists of Jens Brun (vocals and guitar), Gabriel Hansen (guitar), Filip Wiman (drums), Tomas Janson (bass) and Alfred Johansson (keyboard). This rock quintet has something special brewing. They are still a young band but they are heading in the direction of greatness. I have a good feeling about this electric band.

Electric Feel Good’s third album “Jane’s Inn” will be released on 23rd February via Killed by Records/Sound Pollution.

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