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Album review: Band of Brothers “Ship of Fools”

Swedish rockers Band of Brothers are back with a new album. The band’s music roams around in the land of melodic grown-up rock.

Band of Brothers’ frontman and lead vocalist Christer Nilsson is best known from Hion Martell and formerly of 80s cult heroes Hallonbomb. The rest of the band consists of three members of the melodic hard rock band AngelineUffe Nilsson on bass, his brother Jocke Nilsson on guitar and Tobbe Jonsson on drums. Tobbe is also a member of power metal band The Lightbringer of Sweden. When the old childhood friends from the small town of Ljusdal play together in Band of Brothers we get a melodic, grown-up guitar-driven rock with some blues touches, some AOR and hard rock. The band debuted in 2015 and released a second album in 2020. “Ship of Fools” is Band of Brothers’ third album. The title track “Ship of Fools” is one of its strongest tracks. The catchy “Rock Your Bones” is another highlight and so is “Band of Brothers” with its excellent guitar work. But the best track is without a doubt “Innocence Lost” as it, like “Ship of Fools”, has a bit of an edge and attitude about it. This album has more variety than the previous releases. It is less safe and better.

Band of Brothers’ “Ship of Fools” is out now via Blow Your Fez Off Music.