Video premiere: Exelerate “Headfirst into the Void”

Danish heavy metal band Exelerate premieres a new single and music video.

Having the same kind of power/thrash metal with progressive hints approach as their debut album – but at a whole new level – “Headfirst into the Void” kicks off Exelerate‘s promotion round for their upcoming tour and concerts.

“It explores the hedonism and wastefulness that lives in us all”, the band says about the song. “The hunt for momentary happiness and the neglect of moral and spiritual responsibilities is something we all must come to terms with at some point in our lives. So, will you wake up and embrace a meaningful existence or will you just go headfirst into the void?”

Exelerate consists of Mads Sørensen (guitar), Stefan Jensen (vocals, guitar), Io Klarstrup (bass) and Stig Eilsøe-Madsen (drums).