Video premiere: Vicinity ”Distance”

Premiere for a new single from Norwegian prog band Vicinity.

After announcing their new album “VIII”, Norwegian progsters Vicinity will now release a new digital single – the second – from the upcoming record. “Distance” is the chosen song this time. A direct, riff-based track, with a verse almost leaning into synthwave. The lyrical theme dwells on some of the darker tendencies of the human psyche.

Out of Trondheim, on the cold shores of Norway, Vicinity has been crafting their mix of progressive metal, melodies and sophisticated rhythm patterns since 2006. Now reaching their third studio album, the five-piece has reached the perfect mix in their sound. “VIII” is a mature progressive metal album, with a fresh approach to composition.

Putting new influences to work in their already highly rich melting pot of references, “VIII” is a collection of progressive metal songs where the Norwegians drifted to a heavier, more concise sound than in the previous releases. The final result can please traditional prog fans of bands such as Threshold, as well as followers of newer acts such as Haken.

Vicinity was founded in 2006 by Kim-Marius H. Olsen, Frode Lillevold and Kristian Nergård. Vocalist Alexander K. Lykke soon joined the blend making the first complete lineup. With the EP “Diffusion of Innovation”, the band’s first official release, Vicinity found its true style, writing longer, more technical progressive compositions.

In 2012, the band recorded their debut full-length album, “Awakening”, making this the debut recording of the new bass player Pierre Schmidt-Melbye, who joined the band following Nergård’s departure in 2009. Reidulf Wormdal joined the recording as a session keyboard player. The album was released by Indie Distribution and Pug-Nose Records in the fall of 2013.

In 2015, Vicinity went to work with their new album “Recurrence” which was released by Mighty Music in 2017. Following the release, Vicinity played concerts in Trondheim and Oslo and was booked to play festivals like Prøvesprengning and Totsås Rock.

Preparations for the upcoming album started in 2020 at Skansen Lydstudio. Further progress was impaired partly by Covid and the fact that, after 15 years in the band, in 2022 Lykke decided to pursue other interests and left the band. Vicinity tried out vocalist Erling Malm (Articulus, Endolith) at a live show in Trondheim, and decided there and then that he would be the new vocalist. He immediately started working on vocals for “VIII”, adding more diversity to the singing department of the band.

“VIII” will be released as a double LP (black vinyl), CD and in digital formats via Uprising Records on 8th March.


Frode Lillevold – drums

Erling Malm – vocals

Ivar A. Nyland – keyboards

Kim-Marius H. Olsen – guitars

Pierre-Nicolai H. Schmidt-Melbye – bass