Five Records That Changed My Life, Part 4: Marko Tervonen

In 1990, guitarist, songwriter and producer Marko Tervonen co-founded The Crown, one of the early Swedish death metal bands. The Crown’s latest album “Royal Destroyer” was released in March 2021 and the band is better than ever. Roppongi Rocks’ Stefan Nilsson checked in with Marko to find out what records influenced this fierce and fearless artist.

Scorpions “Savage Amusement” (1988)

“I think this album got me into ‘hard rock’. I love it, I’ve always had a sweet spot for those cheezy melodies.”

Metallica “…And Justice for All” (1988)

“Not the first Met album I got into, but the one that I never get tired of listening to. The riff level here is off the charts. And what Lars is doing here is pure genius. I’m prepared to fistfight anyone saying otherwise!”

Edge of Sanity “The Spectral Sorrows” (1993)

“Also, not the first Edge of Sanity album I fell in love with, but this album was a huge influence when I started writing music seriously for The Crown. Dan was such an inspirational songwriter.”

Morbid Angel “Blessed Are the Sick” (1991)

“I loved ‘Altars of Madness’ but ‘Blessed’ was the new level within death metal. I have fond memories of when it was released right before June 1991 when I was forced to join my family travelling, once again, to the north of Finland for the summer by car. A 16-hour drive. And I had ‘Blessed Are the Sick’ on a C90 tape in my Walkman. Do the maths, that was the only thing I listened to during that trip, back and forth and over there. I know every riff and line by heart.”

Paradise Lost “Draconian Times” (1995)

“I have been following Paradise Lost ever since their debut album. I really loved that one. But when ‘Draconian’ came, wow! This is seriously one of the top five albums ever!”

“I need to add one more – Type O Negative “October Rust” (1996). You either get it or don’t. Love this band!”