Video premiere: Tersivel “The Ferryman”

The Argentine/Swedish band returns with a bag full of deathy and doomy post-metal.

Tersivel was founded in Argentina in 2004. The Argentine/Swedish band is now based in Malmö, Sweden. The band consists of Lian Gerbino (vocals, guitar, bass, noise), Franco Robert (keyboards) and Danny Ebenholtz (drums, percussion). The band has feet in pagan and folk metal and has evolved into a deathy and doomy kind of post-metal.

Tersivel have released two full-lengths and a bunch of singles and EPs: “Embers Beneath the Spirit” (2020), “Satyr’s Wine part II” (2018), “Worship of the Gods” (2017), “For One Pagan Brotherhood” (2011), among others.

Tersivel’s new album “To the Orphic Void” will be released via UPRISING! Records on 11th February.