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Album review: Humanitas Error Est “Human Pathomorphism“


German black metal band Humanitas Error Est has produced a convincing debut album that is up there with the best in the genre.

Humanitas Error Est was formed in Leipzig, Germany in 2013 and now their gloriously brutal debut album, “Human Pathomorphism”, has been released by the very interesting Russian metal label Satanath Records.

The band was founded by drummer Ahephaïm and vocalist S. Caedes. They soon teamed up with second vocalist Ghoul and, subsequently, guitarist Tsar and bassist Rogan. Humanitas Error Est really took off when guitarist Void114 joined in late 2014 as a replacement for the original guitarist Azogarr. Their early gigs have seen them perform in Europe and they have been getting some great live reviews and made a name for themselves on the black metal underground scene. With this album they are ready to take on the world.

The album has a fantastic opening with the intro “Destroyer of Worlds” and an equally good outro in the form of the title track “Human Pathomorphism”. “One Piece Human” is just majestic. A dark, gloomy and glorious piece of music. It just might be the album’s best track. Another favourite is the very fast and angry “Skinning Alive”. Fantastic stuff!

The album has a great production. It is a very busy sound landscape with lots going on in it. This is in-your-face, brutal black metal which combines fast parts with slower, doomier sections. It’s pitch-dark music performed for those who can see the beauty in darkness.Humanitas

It is an album you want to listen to in the dark. I detect quite a few echoes of Belphegor on this album (and that is a very good thing as it is one of my favourite bands). At times some of the vocals on the album remind me of Norway’s mighty Abbath and at other times it sounds like Belphegor’s Helmuth Lehner.

This is a very convincing debut album from a very talented bunch of musicians. These bad boys will no doubt go places and continue to produce great, brutal music for lovers of extreme metal.

Humanitas Error Est – band members

S Caedes – vocals

Ghoul – vocals

Tsar – guitar

Void114 – guitar

Ahephaïm – drums

Rogan – bass /