How We End emerges with folks from Evanescence, Cyhra, Nervosa, Primal Fear

Former Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura bounces back with a new band featuring current and former members of Primal Fear, Cyhra and Nervosa.

How We End is a new European modern metal band with members from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain. The band will release its first single and music video in the coming days. The band may be new, but the band members are seasoned. How We End features Jen Majura (ex-Evanescence) and Tom Naumann (Primal Fear, Sinner) on guitars, Diva Satanica (Bloodhunter, ex-Nervosa) and Jake E (Cyhra, Dreamland, ex-Amaranthe) on vocals, Mitch Kunz (ex-Godiva) on bass and keyboards and Adde Larsson (Red Wolf, Cyhra) on drums. We have had the debut single “My Fighting Heart” on repeat here at Roppongi Rocks HQ over the past few days. It kicks some serious ass. It is a modern metal that sounds fresh with some serious heaviness and a catchy chorus. Mixing up the signature vocals of Diva and Jake works a treat with the song being a melting pot of harsh and clean vocals. The rhythm section is heavy and solid and the combination of the guitars of Jen and Tom is terrific. The single will be released on 29th March and the related music video will be released on 30th March. The band will make its live debut at the Rockharz festival in Germany on 6th July.