Report: The Roppongi Rocks Clubhouse Sessions, Episode #3: Black Sabbath

The Roppongi Rocks gang once again invaded your iPhone on Thursday 15th April for an episode focused on Black Sabbath with Diamond Head frontman Rasmus Bom Andersen as a special guest.

The third episode of The Roppongi Rocks Clubhouse Sessions – sweaty rock talk on your iPhone – was good fun, casual, nerdy and full of love for Black Sabbath. This time the usual suspects – Mack Suzuki of UDO ArtistsTony Dolan of Venom IncMatt Ketchum of KaalaKana Nagumo and Roppongi Rocks boss Stefan Nilsson – were joined by Diamond Head frontman Rasmus Bom Andersen. It was a lively and unruly discussion about Black Sabbath, the godfathers of heavy metal and the things they have influenced. A lot of ground was covered in this episode, including Sabbath’s influence on the NWOBHM movement and metal in general, how Diamond Head was inspired by Sabbath to build a signature sound around riffs, Sabbath’s Japan tours, the infamous Stonehenge stage set used during Sabbath’s 1983 “Born Again” European tour (with Diamond Head as opening act), Sabbath’s ten different vocalists (including Dave Walker of Fleetwood Mac) and much more. Sabbatonero, the all-star Black Sabbath tribute project which is Tony Dolan’s baby and where Rasmus Bom Andersen is one of the guest vocalists, was also discussed. In addition to stories around how the terrific “L’Uomo Di Ferro” album came about, there were also hints at possible Sabbatonero live dates or even a Sabbatonero festival being considered.

The Roppongi Rocks gang will be back on Clubhouse for more sweaty rock talk on your iPhone. Tune in or miss out!