Video premiere: Electric Boys “Domestic Blitz”

Today we premiere the music video for the single “Domestic Blitz” by Electric Boys.

Funky Swedish hard rockers Electric Boys will release a new study album via Mighty Music on 15th September. The band formed in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden and quickly found fans with its first single “All Lips ‘N’ Hips” and the debut album “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” which was produced by Bob Rock. Three of the current members of the quartet, Conny Bloom (vocals and guitar), Andy Christell (bass) and Jolle Atlagic (drums), were members of Hanoi Rocks during the last era of the legendary Finnish glam rock band. When Hanoi Rocks called it quits, the gentlemen revived Electric Boys. Guitarist Slim Martin Thomander is now also back in the band which sounds ridiculously great, once again.