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Album review: Neige Morte “Trinnt” | Uncompromising obscure experimental black metal from France

French experimental black metal band Neige Morte is back with its third album. It’s grim, bleak, frosty, inaccessible and rather brilliant. Like a soundtrack to being buried alive in an avalanche.

Neige Morte gives us rather obscure experimental black metal on their new album. Most of this album is splendidly inaccessible and bordering on bizarre. I love the noise. Some of this is head-cleaning stuff, or is it headache-inducing stuff? Not sure, probably both. It’s grim, bleak, frosty and for the most part brilliant (but in a dark and damp way).

This is a gloriously noisy and damp band that doesn’t make any compromises. It’s far away from the glittery road of mainstream music and the band has no interest in reaching the average listener. Two of the songs on the album have Swedish titles (“Du blev min demon” and “De dödas röster”) and the rest are in French. Neige Morte says that they intend to create the rawest and dirtiest black metal outside the Nordic scene. Well, there is plenty of raw and dirty noise in the underground black metal scene, so there’s a lot of competition. But this is so out there that it stands out from the pack on pure craziness. This is a band that combines black metal with more experimental sounds, especially on the atmospheric track “Le Lac”. This band somewhat partly reminds me of a weird mix of an eerie film soundtrack crossbred with black metal and some hints of German heroes Mantar. For unprepared listeners it is probably quite easy to choke on this or drown in this cesspool of rotten music, but for those of us who like something different and appreciate uncompromising noise, this is pretty interesting. It sounds like a soundtrack to being buried alive in an avalanche.

Neige Morte’s album “Trinnt” is out now via Division Records.