Video premiere: Puteraeon “Graverobber”

“Graverobber”, a Swedish death metal classic from Puteraeon’s back catalogue, has been re-recorded for the upcoming EP “Quindecennial Horror”.

Initially written for Puteraeon‘s second demo, in 2008, “Graverobber” is a sick dive into the mind of a graverobber. And it is still a vital and twisted death metal tune; a real bone crusher.

Now celebrating their 15th anniversary as a band, Swedish horror death metal stalwarts Puteraeon don’t show any signs of slowing down or exploring new musical paths. Instead, they remain firmly in their bone-crushing Lovecraft-inspired death metal approach.

Coherent with this vision, the quartet looked back at their demos and debut album and re-recorded some of their old songs for this digital EP which has been mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö of Bloodbath and Edge of Sanity fame. Five songs were chosen, from the first one Puteraeon ever wrote (“The Plague”, from their 2008 demo “Fascination for Mutilation” demo), until “Storm Over Devil’s Reef”, the opening track from the band’s 2011 debut album, with its rumbling intro and blasting velocity. “Whispers of the Dead”, “Graverobber” (both from the second demo “The Requiem, released back in 2008), as well as “Dead Once More” (from the Re-Animator-inspired 2009 demo “The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West”) complete “Quindecennial Horror”, with Puteraeon staring firmly at the abyss, while the abyss stares back at them.

Puteraeon band line-up: Daniel Vandija – bass, Anders Malmström – drums, Jonas Lindblood – vocals, guitar and Rune Foss – guitar.

“Quindecennial Horror” will be released in digital format via Emanzipation Productions on 8th March.