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Perseus “Into the Silence”

The third album from Italian power metal band Perseus stands out from the pack.

If power metal is your thing, the new Perseus album isn’t to be missed. Perseus was founded in Italy in 2011 when a prog-metal band merged with a Judas Priest tribute band. It makes sense: prog metal plus Judas Priest wannabes equals power metal. They also manage to make their Italian roots heard in the music.

One issue I often have with power metal is that many albums sound as if I am listening to one song over and over. I dig the idea of powerful and fast guitar riffs, catchy melodies and plenty of bombastic tracks. But too often in this musical sub-genre, there is little variety in the music and delivery. Perseus has addressed that on “Into the Silence”, the band’s third full-length studio album. They overcome the issue by having no fewer than nine guest vocalists singing duets with Perseus vocalist Antonio Abate.

In addition to Antonio, the band consists of Cristian Guzzo and Gabriele Pinto (guitars), Alex Anelli (bass) and Andrea Mariani (drums). The guest vocalists appearing on the album are Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Wild Steel, Francesco Cavalieri (Wind Rose), Claudia Beltrame, Marco Pastorino (Temperance, Serenity, Fallen Sanctuary), Max Aguzzi, Anja Irullo, Damna (Elvenking) and Luca Micioni.

The album features eleven tracks with a mixture of lyrics in English and Italian. The catchy and epic “The Kingdom”, featuring guest vocalist Francesco Cavalieri, is one of my immediate favourite tracks on the album. “Warrior”, featuring Damna, is another excellent track. It is a great and varied power metal album.

Perseus’ new album “Into the Silence” is out now via Escape Music.