Video premiere: Altar of Oblivion “Nothing Grows from Hallowed Ground”

Altar of Oblivion, an epic doom metal band from Denmark, releases the opening track from its forthcoming fourth studio album.

“Nothing Grows from Hallowed Ground” is the opening track of Altar of Oblivion’s fourth full-length album “In the Cesspit of Divine Decay” which will be released later this year. A concept album based on the diary of guitarist Martin Meyer Sparvath’s maternal great-grandfather Jesper Wilhelm Meyer, who reluctantly fought for the German Empire during The Great War (1914-1918). The album will pay homage to Jesper Wilhelm Meyer (1891-1964) plus the approximately 26,000 Danes who fought for Germany, of which 4,000 perished on the different frontlines during the bloody conflict.

“Hallowed Ground” in this context refers to No Man’s Land, the land area between two enemy trench systems, from which literally nothing grows. This muddy, narrow and often treeless stretch of land, characterised by various shell holes, became the final resting place for many fallen soldiers.

In late 2022, Altar of Oblivion signed a deal with From the Vaults and released last year’s “Burning Memories” EP serving as an appetiser for their upcoming fourth full-length album.

During and since the pandemic, Altar of Oblivion has been in recording mode, finishing both new and old stuff, including two full-length albums, two EPs and an acoustic album, enabling the band to take a well-deserved studio break to focus on live shows from now on. Several gigs have been confirmed for 2024, and the band is now looking forward to hitting the stage again, heavier, older and more invigorated than ever.

The origins of Altar of Oblivion can be traced back to 2003 when Martin Meyer Sparvath (guitars/vocals) and Allan Larsen (drums) formed a duo called Summoning Sickness. Three years later, the project was transformed into a four-piece named Altar of Oblivion, and the entity went from playing simple black/speed/heavy metal to epic doom metal. The band has so far, in addition to several demos, EPs and a live album, three full-length albums under its belt.

“In The Cesspit of Divine Decay” will be released on 28th June via From the Vaults.