Video premiere: Silvera featuring Dreamshade “Utopian”

Danish rockers Silvera collaborates with Dreamshade on their new single.

In the final stages of recording their sophomore album, Danish rockers Silvera realised that two more songs were needed to complete the project. In a spontaneous turn of events, they decided to write one of these songs in the studio – a completely new process for them. As soon as the layers were added to the track, they sensed that they had introduced a fresh element to the Silvera flavour.

Inspiration struck, which led the collective to consider featuring harsh vocals on the song. That’s when Silvera reached out to the talented individuals from Dreamshade, sharing their vision for the track. Their immediate understanding and incredible contribution transformed the song into something truly special.

Silvera consists of Michael Krogh (guitar and vocals), Simon Krabbesmark (guitar), Rasmus Lindegård Hovde (bass) and Martin Nielsen (drums).