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EP review: Hostilia “Atomic Thunder”

The Gothenburg-based thrash metal band Hostilia is back with a new EP. The sound has evolved, but it is still bloody good.

From the very beginning, the Swedish lads in Hostilia have created excellent basement thrash metal. On this new four-track EP, the band’s sound has somewhat evolved. Earlier, the band was basically playing old-school thrash in the Bay Area tradition. Now they have let other influences in. It is still thrash metal and it is still bloody good. The current soundscape is still raw in a good way. This is relentless thrash metal, but it also includes bits and pieces from heavy metal, rock’n’roll and punk. The end result is an excellent form of thrash metal. Love it! The band was founded less than two years ago, but they have already released a couple of singles and now this excellent EP. Hostilia consists of William Lindeblad (lead guitar), Gabriel Sepúlveda (bass) and Albert Lindeblad (drums). Session vocalist on the EP is Samuel Alnesten Alvarez, the cousin of Albert and William. The band is currently looking for a permanent lead vocalist. The EP contains three smoking thrash metal tracks (“Atomic Thunder”, “Let Off Some Steam”, “Final Breath”) plus a somewhat unexpected but terrific piano/acoustic guitar-based instrumental track called “Interlude”. I like ‘em all, but the classic thrash metal sound of “Final Breath” is the winner. I hope they will find their singer or convince their cousin that he should continue on a permanent basis. Samuel’s punky style is a great fit for Hostilia.