8 facts to turn you into a Cyhra expert

Swedish-German-Finnish modern metal band Cyhra has released three fab studio albums since they were founded in 2017. Here Roppongi Rocks’ Stefan Nilsson shares some facts about the band that will turn you into a Cyhra expert.

  1. Swedish lead vocalist Jake E is not only a fab singer, he also knows a thing or two about blowing things up from having toured with KISS as a pyro technician.
  2. Finnish guitarist Euge Valovirta has a Moomin tattoo on his chest.
  3. German Alex Landenburg is a loud drummer who played with thrash legends Annihilator early in his career. But he is much more than just a drummer. During Cyhra’s Japan tour in early 2023, Alex not only drummed but also did stints singing lead and playing guitar.
  4. Swedish guitarist Marcus Sunesson has previously played with The Crown, Engel, Night Crowned, Notre Dame, The Haunted, Bombs of Hades and Witchery. He is now also playing guitar in Pretty Maids frontman Ronnie Atkins’ solo band.
  5. Jake E competed in the Swedish qualifying rounds for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 as a background singer to Smash Into Pieces.
  6. Jake E has sung background vocals for both HammerFall and Kamelot.
  7. On top of his duties with Cyhra, Alex Landenburg is the drummer for Kamelot. His fill-in guy in Kamelot is Swedish drummer Adde Larsson, who is also his fill-in drummer in Cyhra. Adde is also the drummer for How We End, which is fronted by Jake E.
  8. Jake E and Alex Landenburg were among the first rock stars to sign the Roppongi Rocks Mirror of Fame in Tokyo.