Coming up: The Roppongi Rocks Clubhouse Sessions, Episode #2

The Roppongi Rocks Clubhouse Sessions, Episode #2: The Inside Scoop on International Rock Stars Touring Japan with Mack Suzuki of UDO Artists

Friday 26th March at 8 pm Tokyo time / 11 am London time

Matt Ketchum, Kana Nagumo, Stefan Nilsson, Tony Dolan

Yay! Roppongi Rocks is back on Clubhouse for more sweaty rock talk on your iPhone. Join us on the Clubhouse iPhone audio app on Friday 26th March for an informal discussion about rock-star life on the road in Japan. Japanese music industry executive Mack Suzuki (of UDO Artists) has been working with many international and Japanese rock acts over the years. Join us for a casual and informal chat about what happens with rock stars on tour in Japan. The good, the bad and the ugly of the rock star tour life! British metal legend Tony Dolan of Venom Inc. will add some stories from his Japan tours. Roppongi Rocks’ Stefan Nilsson and Kana Nagumo will also be joined by Matt Ketchum of Kaala. What happens on tour, stays on tour. Or? Join us or forever live in fear of missing out. Audio only. Live only. No recording. Tune in or miss out. Sweaty rock talk on your iPhone.