Show preview: Legend of Rock – a tribute to Deep Purple and Rainbow

A Roppongi hard rock celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of Deep Purple’s first Japan tour and the late Ronnie James Dio’s 80th birthday.

On Saturday 5th November, the Roppongi district of Tokyo will both rock and roll. It will be a day of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Deep Purple’s first Japan tour and the late Ronnie James Dio’s 80th birthday. Legend of Rock will put on a terrific musical celebration of guitar wizard Ritchie Blackmore and his two bands Deep Purple and Rainbow at EX Theater Roppongi. The day starts in the afternoon with a tribute to Deep Purple Mark II and continues in the evening with a tribute to Rainbow. Performing will be two excellent and seasoned Japanese tribute bands. The Deep Purple tribute performance will be a reproduction of the band’s legendary shows in Japan in 1972 which were immortalised on the “Made in Japan” double live album. The Rainbow tribute show will recreate the stage show of Rainbow’s 1976 shows that were released as the 1977 double live album “On Stage”. The shows were performed with a Rainbow line-up that included Ronnie James Dio on vocals and Cozy Powell on drums, both of who sadly passed away too early.

The Deep Purple Mark II Tribute Special Unit consists of Ray (Blindman) on lead vocals, guitarist Norifumi Shima (Concerto Moon), Kiyoshi “Leo” Utsunomiya (OIL, Jesus, Cloud Forest) on bass, Masashi “Jill” Okagaki (Terra Rosa, Aphrodite) on keyboards and drummer Hirotsugu Homma (Naked Machine, Loudness, Flatbacker, EZO, Anthem, Mari Hamada). The Rainbow Tribute Special Unit consists of lead vocalist DioKen (Re-Arise), guitarist Kelly SIMONZ (Mark Boals, Kelly SIMONZ’s Blind Faith) and bassist Koichi Terasawa (Punish, Rider Chips, Blizard, Sly) as well as Masashi “Jill” Okagaki and Hirotsugu Homma.

These unique performances will be a chance for older fans to relive the glorious music from the past that inspired so many musicians and music lovers. It is also a terrific opportunity for younger fans to experience and learn about the classic-era live performances of Deep Purple and Rainbow.

The event is organised by TV Asahi, produced by TV Asahi and Legend of Rock and managed by Zexceed. It is supported by Music Life Club, Shinko Music Entertainment, Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo, Bauhaus Roppongi, Roppongi Rocks and Glenn Williams.

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