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EP review: Primal Age “A Silent Wound”

Wake-up call: Primal Age’s French metallic hardcore goes well with your morning coffee.

The Slayer-loving French band Primal Age has been around for a while and released several albums and toured the world. Now they’re back with a great new EP on French independent label Deadlight Entertainment.

The four-track EP is furious and heavy but with some great grooves going on. Primal Age’s music is relentless. There are no breathing spaces, no coming up to the surface for air. It’s angry, it’s political, but more than anything it’s great, in-your-face music. Particularly the title track stands out as a fab song, but the whole EP is even with no dips. A four-track EP with no dips is so much better than a full-length studio album with a couple of filler songs. The EP finishes with “To Jeff…”, a good-fun Slayer medley as a tribute to the late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

To put a label of any sort on a band’s music is often difficult and dangerous. Primal Age gives us quite an interesting mix of various forms of extreme metal and hardcore with some modern touches to it – a bit metalcore-ish. Is it metallic hardcore, or melodic metalcore or something else? I don’t know, I don’t care about the label. I like it and it goes great with my morning coffee as a wake-up call. I like this stuff.

Primal Age’s “A Silent Wound” EP will be released on 3rd March via Deadlight Entertainment. /