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Album review: Prime Creation “Tears of Rage”

Sweden’s Prime Creation gives us great melodies, heavy riffs and a contemporary soundscape on its new album. 

Prime Creation formed in Sweden in 2015 and released its debut album in 2016. The band is part of the well-established Swedish melodic hard-rock tradition where great melodies are always at the centre of the songs. But Prime Creation has a certain edge to its music which at times is more hard-hitting than some its peers’ music. One such song is the album’s title track “Tears of Rage” which sounds very modern. The tracks “Lost in the Shades” and “Pretend till the End” are among the album’s obvious highlights. Those songs define what this band is about: catchy melodies with pop hooks, heavy guitar riffs and a contemporary soundscape.  Among all the modern stuff, the band still somehow manages to also keep an unpolished rawness which gives it all some great edginess. That some of the band members have a background in power metal comes as no surprise. For the most part, Prime Creation has a somewhat different sound, although the terrific “Before the Rain” is basically catchy power metal. There is, of course, also a big keyboard-soaked ballad in the form of the track “Endless Lanes” on the album. 

Prime Creation’s album “Tears of Rage” is out now via Silent Wall Productions.