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Ström “En orkan på vår sida”

Ström’s second album hits the listener like a hurricane!

Less than a year and a half after the terrific debut album, Swedish rockers Ström are back with an even better album. Catchy hard rock sung in Swedish is what this is all about. Partly this is AC/DC in Swedish, but it is much more than that. This is Ström, five guys from Småland, Sweden building their legacy. “En orkan på vår sida” is the band’s second full-length studio album following the self-titled debut album from 2022. Album number two certainly meets my high expectations. The band consists of Zdravko Zizmond (vocals), Johan Siljedahl and Calle Sjöqvist (guitars), Joel Carnstam (bass) and Tomas Salonen (drums). The title track is an immediate standout hit. But the album has ten great songs and while largely staying within the band’s signature sound, there is a fair bit of variety among the tracks. More importantly, all the songs are bloody good. “Stämpelklockan” is a working-class story about life working in a factory while “Småland” is a rock’n’roll love song paying respect to the band’s home county of the same name. “Mitt liv som dum” is a personal favourite with small hints of early KISS. “Med min längtan (lämnar jag dig)” is another splendid song, but the catchy “Blodsprängda ögon“ is the peak of this excellent rock album, not least because of the terrific guitars. Zdravko’s characteristic voice makes Ström’s songs instantly recognisable. The background vocals are also a trademark ingredient in the band’s songs.

Ström’s new album “En orkan på vår sida” will be released on 19th April via Black Lodge Records.