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Album review: Primal Fear “Metal Commando”

Primal Fear’s new studio album “Metal Commando” shows us that this band is a German stallion and not a one-trick power metal pony.

On its new studio album, Primal Fear, formed in 1997 by bassist Mat Sinner and vocalist Ralf Scheepers (ex-Gamma Ray), has matured. The album shows us that this band is far from a one-trick power metal pony. No, this is a German stallion! “Metal Commando”, the band’s 13th studio album, is a rather varied album with a number of different styles. Primal Fear is obviously a very competent band and how successful they are at playing the different styles comes down to taste. How do you like your metal served? “Along Came the Devil” is classic heavy metal of the Judas Priest kind, “Raise Your Fist” sounds like it could fit on an Accept album, while “Halo” is a fast number combining heavy metal verses with a more melodic power metal-style chorus. The contemporary-sounding “Hear Me Calling” is one of the strongest tracks on the album. It has great melody and a very catchy singalong chorus. There are also great guitars on it. Terrific stuff! It’s Primal Fear at its powerful and melodic best. “My Name is Fear” is straight-up, world-class power metal. “I Will Be Gone” is a full-on power ballad with acoustic guitars and the powerful voice of Ralf Scheepers. The closing track “Infinity” kicks off slowly and innocently before adding some serious speed, energy and attitude. The track measures more than 13 minutes and thus have plenty of time to make a number of different twists and turns, including a terrific instrumental part in the middle of the song. I welcome the variations on the album. Primal Fear has been around for a long time and hearing some new things in the mix makes it more interesting and keeps it fresh.

Primal Fear’s new album “Metal Commando” will be released on 24th July in Japan via Ward Records and internationally via Nuclear Blast.