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Album review: Unflesh “Inhumation”

New album from a blackened melodic death metal trio from New Hampshire.

Unflesh is a blackened melodic death metal trio from New Hampshire, USA. “Inhumation” is the band’s second album and follows their 2018 debut “Savior”. For this new album, band founder Ryan Beevers (guitar and vocals) has recruited new members Orion Hubbard on bass and Jeff Saltzman on drums. What we get here is soul-eating melodic death metal delivered with aggression and darkness. The basements of old New Hampshire houses can be rather damp. That smelly dampness shines through in the music of Unflesh. Good tracks like “Renounce Flesh and Blood”, “Amongst Horrors Must I Dwell”, “The Sepulchral Depths” and “Dehumanized Legion” demonstrate what these three gentlemen of darkness are capable of. Whatever has happened between these three men down in that basement (what happens in a New Hampshire basement stays in that New Hampshire basement), sweet extreme music is the result. Unflesh nicely combines technical and atmospheric parts with runaway freight-train meat-and-potatoes kind of death metal. It is underground music and it is beautiful music in its own smelly, extreme and dark way.

Unflesh’s new album “Inhumation” is out now.