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EP review: Mors Verum “The Living”

Canadian dissonant death metal trio serves up a decaying stew of smashing music.

It’s autumn here in Japan. Autumn is all about things dying and decaying as we start the walk towards winter. That’s exactly the time of year you need a good serving of dissonant death metal. The Canadian band Mors Verum, founded in 2014, consists of Greg Carvalho (drums), Mrudul Kamble (guitar and bass) and Lyndon Quadros (vocals). “The Living” is Mors Verum’s third release, following the 2015 EP “Indoctrination Forest” and 2019’s full-length album “Deranged”. Deranged is indeed a good way to describe the band’s dissonant death metal. The five-track EP’s best tracks, “Death’s” and “Purge”, are filled with brutal and heavy riffs, pummelling drums and a foul smell of grim hopelessness. It’s a nasty stew of decaying metal born in a damp Canadian basement. The EP’s third track, “Womb”, is a bit different, more ambient in a horror-movie kind of way. It gives the listener a bit of breathing space away from the pure mayhem of the other four songs. This EP gives us doomy, gloomy deranged music to scare off your neighbours with. The future’s bleak and I love it. Buy the EP, play it loud and give my regards to your neighbours and the police.

Mors Verum’s EP “The Living” will be out on 5th November.