Five Records That Changed My Life, Part 11: Angela Gossow

Angela Gossow is best known as the former lead vocalist for the melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. She joined the band in 2000 and quickly became one of the best-known death metal vocalists in the world. She stepped down as the band’s vocalist in 2014 to focus on her role as the band’s manager. Among the other artists she is managing are Amaranthe, Spiritual Beggars and Obscura. Roppongi Rocks boss Stefan Nilsson had a chat with Angela about the records that have inspired her the most.

Entombed “Left Hand Path” (1990)

“RIP LG Petrov! One of my fave Swedish death metal vocalists ever. Listening to the vinyl still gives me the same goose bumps I had as a teenager in the early 90s. A true mile-stone and must-have in everyone’s classic metal collection. Ice cold Nordic atmosphere meets an authentic production and vocals from the depths of hell. I am so happy I saw them live on the tour for this record and got to meet LG in person.”

Morbid Angel “Altars of Madness” (1989)

“Florida death-metal at its best. Still unrivalled in its sheer aggression, song writing and skillful delivery. What an insane drummer (Pete Sandoval), what a crazy guitar player (Trey Azagthoth), what a brutal vocalist! David Vincent’s guttural, clear growling voice, accentuating every word, making blasphemy come alive in my headphones. ‘Chapel of Ghouls’ rocks and runs shivers down my spine at the same time. Great cover artwork too, I sported that on my first denim jacket and scared the crap out of my pop-loving classmates back then. Still in love with the whole concept. Art!”

Slayer “Hell Awaits” (1985)

“Yes, I simply cannot get around this classic. The title track is still one of my fave workout songs to this day. And it’s so fucking frightening in its atmosphere, the cover, the lyrics, everything. Never lost its power or charm and will haunt mankind to the day we go extinct. The perfect soundtrack to the climate apocalypse.”

Carcass “Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious” (1991)

“Love the sound, the lyrics, the dual vocal delivery from Jeff and Bill and the melodic addition of Michael Amott’s playful guitar melodies and solos. Still up to this day, my favourite line up. And they all looked so cute back then. Saw them live in 1991 at the Rose Club in Cologne and fell in love of course. My neck was trashed for a week, one of the best shows I have been to my entire life. Happy to see them still being active and releasing music! Unique talent does not go out of fashion.”

Arch Enemy “Wages of Sin” (2001)

“My favourite Arch Enemy record. Period. To me, listening to ‘Wages of Sin’ brings back a thousand amazing memories, every time. So exciting to be in Sweden, with the famous Michael Amott and Chris Amott at Frederik Nordström’s studio, living in a boat hotel, recording a milestone for gender equality in metal…basically. Way before it was fashionable to have women in extreme metal bands, way before social media and the internet in general. We went out on tour, played famous venues and got so much love and support. Going to the US and Japan and so many countries for the first time, places I never visited before. A courageous German girl got to see the world, grew into a giant, inwards at least, and the world got to see a great band: Arch Enemy. We are forever family, one for all and all for one!”