Swedish death metal legend LG Petrov dead

Swedish singer LG Petrov has died at the age of 49. The legendary death metal artist passed away on Sunday 7th March after having battled an incurable form of cancer since last year.

In his few years on Earth, LG Petrov managed to make a big impression. Already as a teenager, he was playing the drums with legendary cult act Morbid, which also featured future Mayhem vocalist Dead and Uffe Cederlund (later in Nihilist and Entombed). After Morbid, LG fronted Nihilist, a band that eventually morphed into Entombed. Entombed’s 1990 debut album “Left Hand Path” established them as one of the leading Scandinavian death metal acts. The band’s signature buzz-saw guitar sound combined with LG’s brutal vocals put them on the map. During his career, LG sang on an album with Comecon and was also a member of Firespawn. In 2014, he formed Entombed A.D. together with fellow ex-Entombed members Nico Elgstrand, Victor Brandt and Olle Dahlstedt.

RIP, LG Petrov.