Up close and personal with Marty Friedman

Maestro Marty Friedman is not only a master of the guitar. He is also a master of engaging with his loyal fans as he once again demonstrated at a special fan event in Tokyo.

Having spent the 90s as the celebrated lead guitarist in Megadeth, for the past two decades, American musician Marty Friedman has been based in Tokyo and has achieved a lot of success, especially in Japan, as a solo artist. Internationally, he is still best known for his time in Megadeth. Here in Japan, he has built a career as himself.

On Friday 22nd March, Marty Friedman appeared in Shibuya, Tokyo at a special meet-and-greet event. At the event, attended by many loyal Marty fans, Takahide Okami, Editor-in-Chief of Metal Hammer Japan, interviewed Marty about his career. A Q&A session with the fans then followed. Once all the questions had been answered, including questions about his recent US tour with John 5, his working relationship with drummer Chargeeeeee and much more, it was time for autographs and photos. Japan-based Marty fans are fortunate to get frequent opportunities to participate in special meet-and-greet events. At many of his performances in Japan, Marty comes out and meets fans after the shows to pose for photographs and sign autographs. It means the world to his fans.

Marty’s new solo album “Drama” will be released by Marquee in Japan and Frontiers Music internationally in May. According to Marty, the new album is somewhat of a natural continuation of what he did with the fab 1992 album “Scenes”.