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Single review: Electric Feel Good “Moneymaker”

Sweden’s Electric Feel Good is back with a new smashing blues-rock single. Where will this end?

From Hellsingland in rural Sweden comes Electric Feel Good, a band formed in 2015 that plays guitar-based rock with roots in the 70s. It is dusty blues rock from the Swedish woods. It’s impossible to avoid thinking about Hellsingland Underground when listening to Electric Feel Good due to the geographical and musical proximity of the two bands. Another current band that comes to mind is Imperial State Electric. But make no mistake about it: Electric Feel Good is no copy-cat band. They have based their sound on those who have gone before them, but they have added their own ingredients to the mix to arrive at something very promising. In a way, we get straightforward and simple rock music on this new single, “Moneymaker”. At the same time, there is some insane songwriting talent here. “Moneymaker” is two minutes and twenty seconds of musical brilliance. Writing a simple but catchy tune is hard. These lads have it in them. They base not only their songwriting in the 1970s. They also have made the production sound like it was recorded in 1974. Following a few single releases, I am now eager to hear a full album with this rather promising band to see where they can take this. 

Electric Feel Good’s new single “Moneymaker” will be released on 30th November.