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Single review: Stagman “Kejsarens nya kläder”

At age 56, former glam metal man Stagman, aka Zinny Zan, continues his fascinating singer-songwriter journey with his best song yet. The new single “Kejsarens nya kläder” has serious hit potential.

The former Easy Action, Zan Clan and Shotgun Messiah frontman Zinny Zan, aka Stagman, continues his grown-up musical journey as a splendid and seasoned Swedish singer-songwriter. A few years back, Stagman moved on from his glam days and started to sing in his native Swedish. He has also evolved musically and at 56 years old has become a more mature singer-songwriter. “Kejsarens nya kläder” (“the Emperor’s new clothes”) is a terrific song which has serious hit potential. This new single is quite different from his previous single, “En mil i mina skor”, which was released in October and it shows that the artist Stagman is not a one-trick pony. “Kejsarens nya kläder” is radio rock of the best kind. It’s catchy but not in a sugary way. There’s a real substance in Stagman’s music, built on an intelligent song structure and some harsh social commentary in the song’s lyrics (he doesn’t seem too impressed with Sweden’s all-talk, no-action prime minister). There’s some exquisite guitar work by Skintrade’s Stefan Bergström on this track. Stagman’s musical style is partly following a typical Swedish tradition, but there are also some obvious hints of influences by American and British singer-songwriters. This excellent single is putting my expectations of Stagman’s next full-length studio album even higher. This artist is on fire and I am loving how productive he is in recent years. We get both quality and quantity.

Stagman’s new single “Kejsarens nya kläder” will be released on 24th January via GMR Music.