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Album review: Electric Feel Good “Capital City Madness”

Dusty Swedish rockers Electric Feel Good are back and they have a new full-length studio album in their backpack. Let’s have a barbeque because this is smoky meat-and-beers music.

This album makes me want to put on a backyard barbeque party. The lads in Electric Feel Good play smoky meat-and-beers music. It’s like a bastardised Swedish countryside version of Americana. As if someone has taken the best bits of US roots rock and given it all “the Hellsingland treatment”. It’s down-to-earth, rootsy, bluesy, dirty, rough, rusty and dusty straightforward rock. Like their friends in Hellsingland Underground, Electric Feel Good comes from Hellsingland in central Sweden. This is a land of blue mountains, valleys, rivers and plenty of mythical forests. Electric Feel Good is a new and great addition to a proud local tradition of storytelling, entertainment and musicianship. The fact that Hellsingland Underground’s frontman Charlie Granberg has done the cover art comes as no surprise and is part of the cosiness of the local creative scene. The joyful blues number “Me, Myself and I” is one of my favourite tracks, not least because of the fab organ and the track’s overall playfulness. The terrific and The Black Crowes-oozing “Getaway Star” is another obvious highlight. But it is the track “Sunshine Mama” that I play when I am dreaming about that barbeque while having a cold beer. I hope these lads can soon play live again because if they ever get to play at that backyard barbeque party, there sure is an opportunity to record and release a double live album. Perhaps they could name it “Live in the Woods” or “Blue Mountain Blues – Live in the Valley”. They could also consider releasing their own brand of barbeque sauce in a brand extension effort. Or partner up with local meat producer Gulo Gulo Charcuterie for an Electric Feel Good sausage.

Electric Feel Good’s second studio album “Capital City Madness” will be released on 30th May.