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Album review: Victorius “Space Ninjas from Hell”

German power metal band Victorius plays fast and melodic power metal on its new Japan-themed album. It’s good fun.

Power metal band Victorius from Germany performed in Japan a few months ago and won some new Japanese fans with a great stage show. The band’s new album, its fifth full-length studio album, is full of hints and nods to Japanese culture, including songs such as “Ninjas Unite”, “Shuriken Showdown”, “Wasabi Warmachine”, the title track “Space Ninjas from Hell” and the very catchy “Super Sonic Samurai”. The album’s highlight for me is the weird and wonderful track “Nippon Knights”. Victorius is a good fun power metal band. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. They sing about space, dragons, wizards and ninjas and they have 80s-sounding keyboards all over the place. They are here to entertain and they do. It’s goofy, cheesy and often over-the-top, but it is very catchy and entertaining.

Victorius’ album “Space Ninjas from Hell” will be released on 17th January via Napalm Records.