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Single review: Conny Bloom “Med Charlie i Venedig”

A limited-edition 12-inch vinyl combining the talents of Conny Bloom and Charlie Granberg? That is exactly what Record Store Day is all about! “Med Charlie i Venedig” is a whirlwind of a catchy party song.

Conny Bloom made a name for himself as the frontman of Swedish hard rock band Electric Boys and later as a guitarist for Finnish glam rockers Hanoi Rocks. He quickly established himself as one of Sweden’s few real rock stars. In 2020, he is still fronting Electric Boys but is balancing that with a solo career focused on songs sung in his native Swedish. It is music in a peculiar Swedish tradition of storytelling solo artists combining 60s and 70s-sounding rock with rootsy, bluesy and folksy American and British singer-songwriter influences to arrive at something great living in the hills that divide the valleys of rock and pop. For 2020’s Record Store Day, Conny Bloom has cooked up something special in a vinyl format. Charlie Granberg, frontman of Hellsingland Underground, features here in several ways: he was in the dream that inspired the title song, he has created the over-the-top artwork for the single cover and he’s guesting on the song as well. “Med Charlie i Venedig” is a whirlwind of a catchy party song. It’s a great and humorous song, perfectly positioned to become a future live favourite where the fans can shout along. The addition of a soul/funk-style brass section helps in making this song splendid. The lyrics are based on a dream Bloom had about being thrown in jail in Venice and watching his friend Charlie Granberg having the time of his life outside. The B-side, “Dags att vinna Wimbledon”, is a catchy guitar song about a winning attitude and leaving a lasting impression. It has a terrific guitar sound that makes it stand out together with that infectious catchiness.

Conny Bloom’s “Med Charlie i Venedig” is a limited-edition 12-inch vinyl that will be released by Target Records for Record Store Day on 18th April.