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EP review: Feradur “Parakosm”

Feradur, a melodic death metal band from Luxembourg, returns with a great new EP.

Luxembourg may not be best known for melodic death metal, but this EP makes it clear that perhaps the country should be. The five-track EP is a great introduction to Feradur, a band that has been around for some 15 years. They have previously released two full-length studio albums, the most recent one being 2019’s “Legion”. Feradur’s imaginary world, that it shares with us through its song lyrics, is bleak and there seems to be little hope for the future of mankind. Just the way we like our melodic death metal! The music combines heaviness and darkness with excellent and, at times, delicate guitars. As is often the case in death metal, there are frequent tempo changes throughout the songs on the EP. Feradur is band that perhaps doesn’t play the fastest metal in the world. While there are certainly some fast parts in these songs, the band seems to build its signature sound on heaviness and melodies – in a doom-like way – rather than pure speed. Fittingly, parts of the EP were recorded in Colour Radio Studios in Germany’s Black Forest. The EP certainly sounds like it came out of a black forest. “Tetsuo” is the EP’s best track. It is a disturbing track about the timely topic of societal collapse. “Host of the Nightmare” is the EP’s most furious song where everything ends. “Mow down the weak!” is a particularly memorable line from the song’s lyrics. Feradur consists of Mario Hann (vocals and guitar), Michel Weber (drums), Fridtjof Kielgast (bass), Daniel Gloden (guitar) and Michel Strock (guitar and vocals) and with Mike Bertemes providing guest vocals on the EP’s terrific opening track “Midas (Materia Prima)”.

Feradur’s EP “Parakosm” is out now.