Five Records That Changed My Life, Part 33: Alex Grossi

American guitarist Alex Grossi is the lead guitarist for Quiet Riot, having been invited to join the band by its original vocalist Kevin DuBrow in 2004. Alex is also playing with Hookers & Blow, a project he has with Guns N’ RosesDizzy Reed. Roppongi Rocks boss Stefan Nilsson talked with Alex about the albums that made him want to bang his head.

Guns N’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction” (1987)

“This album was literally the reason I picked up a guitar. There is nothing I can tell you or say about this record that you don’t already know. I would highly suggest checking out Izzy’s isolated guitar tracks on YouTube. They are absolutely perfect and so unique.”

Skid Row “Slave to the Grind” (1991)

“They say you have your entire life to write your first record and six months to write your follow-up. If that’s the case, Skid Row had a hell of a six months. Scotti Hill is probably the most criminally underrated lead guitarist of the genre, as is Snake. The riff to ‘Mudkicker’ still makes me want to throw a brick through a window for no reason.”

Quiet Riot “Metal Health” (1983)

“Aside from the obvious, the ‘Metal Health’ video was the first metal band I ever saw on TV, and the first time I heard hard rock mixed in with Madonna and The Police on whatever radio station my school bus driver always had on.”

Pantera “Far Beyond Driven” (1994)

“Dimebag Darrell single-handedly carried the torch for metal guitar in the 90s. There will never be another band like Pantera.”

KISS ”Destroyer” (1976)

“Superheroes, larger than life. Great songs and Ace Fucking Frehley!”

Quiet Riot

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