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EP review: Sailing Before The Wind “Immemorial”

The Japanese metalcore band marks its first decade with a new EP.

Japanese metalcore Sailing Before The Wind was founded in Tokyo a decade ago and released its first EP “Judgement” in 2012. The band is led by bassist and songwriter Bitoku Sakamoto who some may recognise from his time as a touring bassist for Crystal Lake. Celebrating the band’s tenth anniversary, we get a five-track EP which features re-recordings of three old songs – “Sail Away”, “Cross the Ocean” and “Break the Silence” – as well as the new tracks “Decaders and “Misguided Sunrise”. “Misguided Sunrise” features a guest appearance by Lucas Spencer from Feed The Addiction. The band serves up a good version of metalcore – heavy riffs, melodic guitars, angry vocals, good melodies, breakdowns and constant tempo and style changes in the songs. If you’re a metalcore fan, this EP won’t disappoint.

Sailing Before The Wind’s EP “Immemorial” is out today.