Five Records That Changed My Life, Part 45: Jonas Stålhammar

Jonas Stålhammar is a guitarist for the Swedish melodic death metal band At The Gates, pioneers of the Gothenburg sound. Jonas’ current and former bands and projects include Bombs of Hades, The Lurking Fear, God Macabre, Venus Principle and The Crown. Roppongi Rocks’ Stefan Nilsson checked in with Jonas to find out what five albums inspired him the most.

KISS ”Destroyer” (1976)
“The first record I got for Christmas in 1976. That made me want to play guitar already at the age of three. There was just no looking back after this one.”

Voivod ”Killing Technology” (1987)

“I was a big fan before this one, but ‘Killing Technology’ just elevated Voivod to one of my absolute fave bands. They were weird and brutal and intelligent at the same time. My gateway to progressive rock.”

Änglagård ”Hybris” (1992)

“The debut album of this Swedish band turned my world upside down when it came out in 1992. They totally crushed all other new prog at the time, together with Anekdoten and Landberk, also from Sweden.”

Van Der Graaf Generator ”Pawn Hearts” (1971)

“A band that I found by reading about Voivod’s influences back in 1989. This album is a masterpiece that inspires me to this day.”

Motorpsycho ”Trust Us” (1998)

“My all-time fave band. This was the first one I got by them back in 1998 and they continue to blow my mind with each record they release still.”