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Album review: Dynazty “Final Advent”

Nils Molin delivers the best vocal performance of his career on Dynazty’s eighth album.

We already knew that Nils Molin is one of Sweden’s best melodic metal vocalists. His early work with Dynazty got him noticed and in 2017 he was invited to join Amaranthe as one of its lead vocalists. Since then, he has pulled double duty recording and touring with both Dynazty and Amaranthe. Dynazty is one of the best melodic metal bands in Sweden in recent years. That is no mean feat as it is a rather crowded field of quite a few very good bands. Formed in 2007, they are now ready to release their eighth studio album, “Final Advent”. The band delivers, the song material is the band’s best so far and Nils puts in the best vocal performance of his career. When Nils joined Amaranthe, many fans feared that this would be the end of Dynazty. Far from it, his work with Amaranthe has helped him mature as a singer and performer. While clashes of tour dates may perhaps mean that we get to see Dynazty perform fewer shows than we like, Dynazty is no doubt now a better band due to Nils’ wider experience. It is Nils that sets Dynazty apart from the pack, but there is more to this band than a great singer and frontman. The songs they write are better than what most other bands in the genre can come up with. And the band is a well-oiled machine when it comes to delivering the music – a great combination of excellent melodies, appealing guitar riffs and, of course, liberal use of keyboards, all anchored by a highly reliable rhythm section. Backing up Nils in Dynazty are guitarists Love Magnusson and Mikael Lavér, bassist Jonathan Olsson and drummer Georg Härnsten Egg. “Achilles Heel” is the album’s glorious zenith, combining classic melodic hard rock with contemporary touches. It shows off all the great sides to this band in one fine song. We get some musical variety on the album, all within the melodic metal subgenre, but the album shoots off on visits to different musical corners. From “Advent” – a terrific song with a rather different structure and delivery that I really like – via the catchiness of “Natural Born Killer” to “Yours”, a big power-ballad kind of number. “Final Advent” is a fine collection of melodic songs full of energy.

Dynazty’s new album “Final Advent” will be released on 26th August via AFM Records and in Japan via Marquee.