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Bottenhavet “Ljud i tysta rum”

Bottenhavet serves up fuzzy, hazy hard rock sung in Swedish on its debut album.

One of my favourite Swedish rock bands is Bottenhavet from Stockholm. They play fuzzy, hazy hard rock sung in Swedish sprinkled with a pinch of grunge (a whiff of Pearl Jam pops up) and some prog here and there. But mostly this is a fabulous Swedish answer to America’s Monster Magnet. The band was formed in 2020 and currently consists of Kim Minkkinen (vocals), Marcus Wigren (drums) and Andreas Bohman (guitar). They released a four-track EP “Ett hav av tårar” in 2021 which immediately showed us that this band has better songs than most. Bottenhavet’s dynamic groovy music has great melodies, excellent guitars and Kim Minkinen’s characteristic voice to top it all off. The bearded Stockholm trio’s music is bloody awesome! The album’s eight tracks are all great. Standout tracks for me are “Våg”, “Bränn broar”, “Jord”, “Motorväg”, “I skuggan”, and, the absolute highlight, “Hennes liv”. What a bloody good band this is. Love it. Let’s hope that the lads in Monster Magnet will take their Swedish cousins on tour. Or maybe they won’t. They would probably be blown off stage by the Swedes if they did.

Bottenhavet’s debut full-length album “Ljud i tysta rum” will be released on 12th April via Fuzzorama Records.