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EP review: Camp Marshy “Black Soul, White Shoes & A Leather Jacket”

Sweden’s Camp Marshy is back with a punky party-rock EP. I love the simplicity and catchiness of this band.

Camp Marshy is the latest addition to a long line of catchy punk-rock bands from Sweden. On the band’s new six-track EP, the Camp Marshy boys’ music lives in a rundown neighbourhood not miles away from The Hives, The Ramones and Danko Jones. But this is a tad more gritty and dirty, a bit more countryside factory-floor and hey-the-weekend’s-here-let’s-party-and-get-laid. It’s good-fun party rock mixed with melodic punk rock. The music is related to the Swedish school of punk rock which is built upon high-energy poppy shout-along anthems, although Camp Marshy’s songs are sung in English rather than Swedish. The previously released single “Baby (Are You Ready For Some Fun?)” is an obvious favourite here. The rather Hives-like “Walk of Shame” is also terrific. I love the simplicity and catchiness of Camp Marshy. I want to see this band on stage at a rock club with a cold beer in my hand.

Camp Marshy’s EP “Black Soul, White Shoes & A Leather Jacket” is out now.