Interview: Gus G will return to Japan to perform a special career retrospective

Gus G and Elize Ryd

Guitar hero Gus G is about to return to Japan for a couple of very special solo gigs in Tokyo and Osaka on 22nd and 23rd March. Roppongi Rocks’ Stefan Nilsson checked in with Gus G, perhaps most famous as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist, ahead of the tour.

You are about to return to Japan for some solo shows. What is your best memory from previous visits to Japan? “I have so many great memories from my visits in Japan. From the early days of Dream Evil, to Firewind‘s headline and co-headline runs with Kamelot, then my own clinic tours and of course two amazing visits with Ozzy. Every time has been memorable and special.”

Gus G

Japan adores guitar heroes. Do you find the Japanese fans different in any way from your fans at home in Europe? “Japanese fans are very loyal, polite and show their appreciation in a way I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. They show up at the hotels and train stations when we travel from city to city with special gifts, they’re always very discreet and cool. And they know their music too, they love the details.”

What can the Japanese fans expect from your Japan shows? “I think for those that plan to attend, they’re in for a treat! This is more than just a solo show, it’s a career retrospective. My show will run almost two hours and me and my band will be playing lots of stuff from both my solo albums, lots of Firewind material, Dream Evil, Ozzy and maybe some surprises as well! You definitely shouldn’t miss out!”

Your band Firewind has a great new album out and you have a few Firewind members in your solo band. Thus, can the Japanese fans expect to hear some Firewind favourites during your Japan gigs? “Absolutely! We will play some older Firewind material, but also songs from our new album “Immortals”. And as you said, we have a new singer, his name is Henning Basse. Henning will be fronting my solo band in Japan as well. He toured with me before he joined Firewind, but since he joined the band, this will probably be the last time he will play with my solo band, as he will be concentrating on Firewind’s shows and I’ll be using different singers. So, I think this is another reason why these shows in Japan will be special.”

You are bringing Elize Ryd as a special guest for the Japan gigs. How did your cooperation with her come about? “I’ve always loved her voice, her presence and her band Amaranthe. We collaborated on my solo album ‘Brand New Revolution’ on a song called ‘What Lies Below’. We’ve always wanted to play that on stage together and now we finally will have the chance to do it for the first time in Japan!”

Gus G will perform at Club Quattro in Tokyo on 22nd March and at Club Quattro in Osaka on 23rd March.