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Album review: Insistent “Disease”

Prague’s Insistent serves up crusty grindcore with death metal riffs on its new album.

Insistent is a grindcore band that was formed in the Czech Republic in 2017 and consists of Daniel Weiss (guitar), Jiří Vošahlík (vocals), Petr Lukš (bass) and Přemysl Pláteník (drums). They already have “Serenity of Suffering” (a 2018 split EP with БУТ) and the 2019 album “Suspect” below their belts. The new “Disease” album, thirteen tracks in twenty-one and a half minutes, is fast and furious. This is crushingly intense and high-energy music. It’s pissed-off and intense grindcore with some death metal guitar riffs here and there. It sounds as if it was created in a dark, damp and stinky Prague basement. The sun doesn’t shine where this music comes from. At a length of 45 seconds, the terrific “Bad Blood” is more Napalm Death than Napalm Death. The slightly longer track “Lords of Chaos” is another highlight on an excellent and stenchy album. “Last Farewell” is also an immediate favourite but the brilliant “Friendly Fire” (44 seconds) is no doubt the winner. It’s pure chaos. “Wolf Cult” is different by being a bit more experimental and clocks in at a (in grindcore terms) massive four minutes and thirteen seconds.

Insistent’s album “Disease” will be released digitally and on CD on 13th June via L’inphantile Collective. A vinyl version will be released on 13th September.