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EP review: Lorna Shore “…And I Return to Nothingness”

Lorna Shore, a terrific extreme metal band from New Jersey, returns with a new vocalist and a great three-track EP.

This EP does not only have one of the best titles of the year, it also has fab music filled with coldness, sadness, darkness, fierceness, heaviness and, yes, nothingness. Lorna Shore was formed in 2010 in New Jersey. In its early days, the band played music which was somewhere in the metalcore and deathcore neighbourhood. Over the years the sound has evolved and wondered into black metal territory. Is it still deathcore? Maybe, but what is certain is that this is very good extreme metal. This is a band that is now sworn to the dark. There is no tuning around which is why they keep pushing ahead, deeper into the nothingness. It’s a scary yet beautiful journey into the valleys of death, the forests of despair and closer to the ultimate end. The track “Of the Abyss” is smashingly epic! The dramatic and haunting choral and keyboards arrangements in the background add a dimension to the song’s core mayhem. Atmospheric awesomeness! The other two tracks, “…And I Return to Nothingness” and “To the Hellfire”, are equally good and follow the same epic concept. If this band can take what they have on this three-track EP and deliver at the same level throughout a full-length album, then we have something really sinister brewing here. This EP is flawless decaying metal. The songwriting! The arrangements! The musicianship! The delivery! The whole bloody package is perfection. The current band line-up includes new vocalist Will Ramos (excellent harsh vocals with a tormented feel) as well as Adam De Micco (guitar), Austin Archey (drums) and Andrew O’Connor (guitar).

Lorna Shore’s EP “…And I Return to Nothingness” will be released on 13th August via Century Media Records.