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Album review: Thyrfing “Vanagandr”

Excellent Swedish Viking metal is served up on Thyrfing’s eighth studio album.

Formed in Sweden in 1995, Thyrfing has now got its eighth full-length studio album ready for the world to hear. The Swedish Viking band’s songs are based on Norse mythology and the lyrics are sung in Swedish. The new album, “Vanagandr”, has an appealing combination of Pagan and folk influences, heavy music, great melodies and plenty of energy. It is atmospheric, dark and epic music. At times, it gets rather intense in a black metal kind of way, such as on the fab track “Träldomsord”. Other terrific tracks include the epic “Undergångens länkar”, the sinisterFredlös” and the bombastic “Håg och minne”. The album’s soundscape is big and complex and the end result is very good. The band currently consists of vocalist Jens Rydén (ex-Naglfar), Patrik Lindgren and Fredrik Hernborg on guitars, Joakim Kristensson on bass and keyboards and Dennis Ekdahl on drums. If Viking metal is your thing (it should be), this is a real treat for your ears.

Thyrfing’s new album “Vanagandr” will be released on 27th August via Despotz Records.