Video premiere: Perracide “Silence the World”

Perra Karlsson returns with a new single by his Perracide project. Today, we premiere the music video for the song “Silence the World”.

Perra Karlsson and his friends in the Perracide project are back with a brand new song. “Silence the World” has that commanding, authoritative riffing that is the footprint of the Swedish underground scene, plus a few extras. One of them is the fact that Perra himself takes the lead vocalist role in it – the only track on the album where this happens. Hempa Brynolfsson (guitar player in Darkened, AngelBlast and Ordo Infernus, ex-Excruciate) handles some unusual (for this album) keyboards and piano to add an extra layer to the song. Simon Wizén (bassist in Nominon and guitarist/vocalist in Valkyrja and Die Hard, ex-Ondskapt) handles bass, guitars and backing vocals.

Perracide’s album “Underdog” will be released via Emanzipation Productions on 23rd June 2023.