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Neuroticos celebrated 20 years of brutality

Brazilian-Japanese death metal band Neuroticos celebrated 20 years of brutality with a special anniversary show at WildSide in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Neuroticos at WildSide, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan on 19th May 2024

20 years of fabulous musical brutality is what the boys in Neuroticos have given us so far. That is certainly something worth celebrating. And celebrated we did as the band, its friends and loyal fans gathered in Shinjuku for an extreme metal party. This evening in Shinjuku, the band was supported by four bands populated by their friends, including black metal legends Abigail who performed an excellent and uncompromising set of musical chaos.

Lead vocalist Bruno Dias Matsuda and his brother Kleber Dias Matsuda (guitar) have led Neuroticos through fire and hailstorms over the past two decades. In the current line-up of the band, the Dias Matsuda brothers are joined by Jumpei Nakamura on bass and Yuichi Ishiguro (ex-Defiled) on drums. It is a solid line-up. The band always delivers on stage and in the studio. While they have been at it for two decades, the band’s debut full-length album “Kill for God” was only released in 2019. It was followed by “Hell Is Now” in 2022. Both albums are great showcases of this band. The band’s music is relentless, uncompromising, crushing and free of trends. It is old-school, sweaty death metal of the best kind. I love it.

The set list for the 20th anniversary was punishingly terrific. The band opened the show with the fantastic “The End”. They proceeded to show us some “Demonic Eyes”. With song titles such as “Hell Is Now”, “Slaves of God”, “Kill for God”, “Hell in the House of God”, “Satan or God?” and “Opened the Gate of Hell”, the band’s anti-religious stance is hard to miss.  This was a special night celebrating a great band. There were some guest appearances during the show, including the band’s original drummer Carlos Henrique Tomi taking over the drumsticks for a song and Blind Hate’s vocalist Kentaro Kasuga singing a duet with Bruno.

Cheers for the first 20 years, Neuroticos!